Top 10 signs you're addicted to FarmVille

Are you addicted to FarmVille -- if these symptoms apply, you might be!
Are you addicted to FarmVille -- if these symptoms apply, you might be!

Facebook games, specifically FarmVille, has the nation -- and the world -- hooked. Over 80 million people are regularly tending their virtual crops, and a more new farmers are getting in on the action every day.

We've already heard horror stories of nurses neglecting patients and moms ignoring children in order to perfect the art of click farming. And we certainly don't want to think about how many college students have been buying virtual farmhouses using their parents' credits cards.

That, my friends, is addiction. So the real question is: How do you know you're addicted? Read through our list of nine telltale signs below. If any of these sound familiar, you might make an ideal candidate for FarmVille rehab.

1. Your friends have stopped using your name and just call you 'Farmer'

2. You click on food in the fridge to 'harvest' it

3. You count chicken coops, instead of sheep, to go to sleep

4. You've changed your Facebook name to 'John Deere'

5. You constantly refer to your yard as the 'back forty'

6. You've considered trading in your Volvo for a tractor

7. You've considered wearing overalls on Casual Friday

8. You've rearranged the plants on your fire escape to look like Mario

9. You've paid someone to tend to your digital crops while you're at work/on vacation

10. You tattoed 'Zynga' across your knuckles

What are some other signs of FarmVille addiction? Leave us your warning signs below.