Sweet S.F. Rental: Tenderknob 1-Bdrm for $1,400

Tenderknob apartment in San Francisco, Calif.
Tenderknob apartment in San Francisco, Calif.

So what's it going to be hotshot? Do you want your San Francisco sweet rental to be a one bedroom or do you want to convert the living room and make it a two bedroom?

This apartment's big enough to do like many San Francisco renters do with their one-bedroom apartments: Convert the living room into an extra bedroom to save on rent. I've had friends, who've lived in the Tenderknob who even turned their large walk-in closet into an extra bedroom. But that's life in this City by the Bay.

This sweet rental sits right in the heart of the city. Locals call this neighborhood the Tenderknob because it rests between the Tenderloin and Knob Hill. But don't worry, this is a quiet, private unit; far from the street noise of bustling San Francisco (which is conveniently right outside its front door).