Smaller bets not in the cards for casino patrons

Atlantic City casinos blackjack
Atlantic City casinos blackjack

You would think a recession that has driven Atlantic City profits down 13.2% in the last year would motivate the casinos to lower their betting minimums to attract more people and generate good will.

You would be as wrong as a blackjack novice hitting on 16 with the dealer showing 5. I recently took my family and in-laws to the seaside gambling mecca and got priced out of playing. I didn't see one table game under $10 a bet. At that rate, a bad patch can put the most disciplined gambler in a hole.

This was a weekday, with entire sections of casinos roped off, gathering dust for lack of patronage. I stifled my outrage and used the time to knock around with my children and swim. I could have been one of the casinos' lambs happily primed for the slaughter if they would adjust their thinking.