Mafia Wars Marketplace coming soon (hold on to those wallets)

Mafia Wars marketplace
Mafia Wars marketplace

Mafia Wars premium items, i.e. virtual goods that cost real-life cash, are about to get a new home in a revamped Godfather page, called 'The Marketplace.'

We don't know all of the details other than the fact that this new space will consolidate the for pay loot, boost and special crates in one place, making it easier to spend your hard-earned Godfather points. Is that really a good thing? Guess it depends on how much you're willing to spend to be the top dog.

Mafia Wars been getting a total overhaul of late, first the New York properties section (which now resembles Playfish's less popular Gangster City) and the new My Mafia interface that lets you check out who in the family needs help (which means extra bonuses for you) and keep track of your top mafia.