Five Internship Programs You'll Write Home About

internshipsInternships at the right company can kick start the career of a fresh graduate -- but not all intern jobs are created equal. During the past few years, as the recession has depleted the job market, internships at certain companies have garnered the clout and respect to have students (and their parents) vying for a spot. These five companies' intern programs are worth writing home about.

1. Google

Not surprisingly, Google almost always tops the list of internships to snag -- because, really, who wouldn't want to work at a complex that has a famed gourmet cafeteria, recreational facilities (like a rock-climbing wall), and a massage room? Interns at Google can not only enjoy decent pay, health insurance, and cool stress-relieving activities, but they also get to work on things like writing software documentation for users and engineering software for one of the top Internet companies in the world.

2. Apple

An intern job at Apple consists of a 12-week paid period of doing awesome things like helping build the operating system on the iPhone. Seriously. But the best parts? Apple will pay your relocation costs (including round-trip airfare and a housing stipend) and give you steep employee discounts on Apple products.

3. Deloitte

Since Deloitte is a top financial and tax firm, they get an enormous amount of intern applications. To top that off, the intern interview process is quite lengthy and in-depth -- involving a behavioral interview and multiple case studies. However, their interns regularly make a cool $24.50 an hour for their work -- not too shabby for a student with limited experience in the professional working world. And apparently that nice pay results in diligent workers, as 73 percent of their interns are offered full-time positions with the company, with the majority accepting.

4. Southwest Airlines

There are few internship programs that offer the sweet, sweet benefits that Southwest extends to its interns. While paid positions are a prime pick, few things beat free travel, and that's the major perk at SWA. Their Web site boasts a myriad of internship bonuses such as "casual dress 365 days a year" and "flying to San Antonio for the evening -- just to have dinner."

5. Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone, the mecca of all music publications, is quite possibly the most coveted internship in the publishing industry. Although the internships are unpaid, if your resume is chosen from the pile of 700 applicants they receive, you're rewarded with free music, invites to listening parties, advance musical releases, and -- most importantly -- the ability to brag about interning at Rolling Stone.

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