Friends' Petlings Can't Find Food

Pet Society feeding issue
Pet Society feeding issue

Are you having trouble feeding your petlings? You're not alone. Many Pet Society players are having problems feeding the little critters. Sometimes, the food is consumed by the bigger pet. When this happens, click open your chest immediately. Your pet will stop eating mid-way and you can save the food.

The Right Way to Feed Your Petling
A sure way to feed your petling is to WAIT until it begs for food. Reserve some proper petling food in your storage. When the petling asks for an item in a thought bubble, place the food right on top of the bubble or above its head. The petling should then consume the food.

You Can't Feed Your Friends' Petlings
While it's difficult to feed your own petlings, it's impossible to feed your friends' petlings. Here's Sushi visiting his friend Barksha and her two little tigers. (The tiger petlings cost 25 Playfish coins at the Garden and Cash Shops.)