FarmVille on Changing the way we play games.

FarmVille game statistics from featured an article about FarmVille and other Zynga games! The article seeks to explain social gaming and the virtual community of 75 million FarmVille farmers that includes a demographic of new gamers, many of which have been virtually ignored. At least half of the farmers are women, it is estimated that about "60 % are women and 40% are men" (Gross, CNN 02/23). Typically, women have been ignored by traditional gaming platforms.

What makes FarmVille so successful is that it is universal and covers a broad spectrum that reaches across all cultures. Everyone knows about farming, no matter where you live. Its uncomplicated nature does not require you to know background information or experience to understand the basic concepts of farming- plow, plant, grow. It is a game whose players range from teenagers to senior citizens. It can be played with little experience or knowledge, but still be appealing and enjoyable.

There is a love or hate relationship with FarmVille and Facebookers. You either play the game and love it or wish it would just go away. Many of the traditionalist Facebookers are annoyed by the constant FarmVille newsfeed notifications and posts that clutter their Facebook pages.

However, 75 million people later FarmVille is still happily accepting new farmers and does not appear to be going away anytime soon. If anything, it has become an interesting model for social games and the gaming industry's future and the possibilities ahead.

What do you think is so interesting about FarmVille that so many people play? Why do you play?

Read the article on CNN here: "The Facebook Game that millions love (and hate)" by Doug Gross

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