Explore new Inca and Limited Time Maps in Treasure Madness

A slew of new maps are available for purchase in Treasure Madness. Treasure hunters who claim they've seen it all, ain't seen nothing yet. The new maps are part of the Inca Series and the Mysterious Series, but they won't be around for ever so check them out now.

Included in the release are two limited time only maps, part of the Mysterious Series. These object shaped islands were winners of a competition where Treasure Madness asked fans for new island ideas. These are only around till March 1st, expiring Monday morning at 3:00 AM eastern time. The new maps are as follows:

-Anchor Island - requires level 10
-Bottle Island - requires level 10

These maps are said to bear more tresures, not just gold. Equally nice is the low level requirement allowing us novice adventurers to hunt treasure deep beneath these limited edition islands. We can't wait to get our hands on some of those juicy special edition treasures.

Seven new Inca Maps were also released:

-Nazca Lines - requires level 94
-Inca Ruins - requires level 100
-Old Inca Road - requires level 104
-Ruined Road - requires level 104
-Lost Meadow - requires level 110
-Cross Roads - requires level 112
-Cuzco Ruins - requires level 116

This series of maps has a rather high treasure density and lower gold density, so expect to complete a collection or two. Head over to Treasure Madness and check out these new maps!
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