Glenn Beck v. Beck, Who's the Biggest Loser at Home?

Left-coast Scientologist and musician Beck sold his Malibu rancher at a loss this month, but it's a race to the bottom as right-coast Fox News personality Glenn Beck also tries to offload his Connecticut mansion for six figures less than he bought it. Which Beck will win -- or, uh -- lose?
In January 2007, the avant-garde pop-star Beck and his wife, actress, Marissa Ribisi, bought what the Multiple Listing Service describes as "a very hip mid-century ranch" (middle) with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, pitched ceilings, hardwood floors and garden – not ocean – views. The property they bought for $2,050,000 also boasts a two-bedroom guesthouse with fireplace.

Beck put the 1,600-square-foot home back on the market in October 2008 at $2,399,000, but after cutting the price again and again, they finally sold it this month for $1,650,000 -- $400,000 less than they bought it for.

Meanwhile, gold bug and conservative commentator Glenn Beck has been trying to rid himself of his six bedroom, five bathroom colonial in New Canaan, CT. Local property records indicate that Glenn Lee Beck bought the house for $4,250,000 three days after Christmas 2005.

As of December 2009, it was listed at $3,999,000 -- a quarter-million less than he paid for it. Ouch.

Unlike his West Coast counterpart, this Beck abode (bottom left)) does have a view of the water. Sadly, the manse also offers a view from the street, which the Becks attempted to screen out. In May 2008, the family petitioned the local government for permission to build a six-foot privacy fence around the three-acre property at the advice of their security team. They accidentally got started on the fence-building project before obtaining official approval, but no news of whether or not they've finished it yet.

It's not clear where either couple with move next, though both families own other property. In July 2000, Glenn Beck's wife, Tania, bought a 1,845 square foot house in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for the surprisingly low price of $156,800. In April 2007, the other Beck bought a home in Los Angeles' Hancock Park neighborhood for $6.75 million. (They put the six bedroom, nine bath on the market in July 2008 for $9 million, but by August 2009, it had already dropped to $6,595,000, and has since been pulled from the market.)

Who will be the biggest loser? We'll see. In the meantime, seems like both Becks are living on advice from the 1994 release "Loser" where the alt-crooner tells audiences he's "got a couple of couches," but sleeps "on the loveseat."
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