Apartment renters see green


Anyone who's leased an apartment knows that rent control and peace and quiet rank high on a renter's wish list.

To that list, add a strong preference for living in an "eco-friendly" apartment, according to a recent Rent.com survey. The questionnaire was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22.

A whopping 86% of respondents said they would prefer to occupy a green living space and 55% claimed they would be willing to pay more to do so.

A sizable number -- 28% -- said they'd pay $50 more per month for an eco-friendly apartment, while 14% would pay $100 more. Later in the survey, however, two-thirds of the respondents said that money was the key impediment to making eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Additionally, 18% said lack of information about how to adapt a green lifestyle prevented them from doing so.