Will anyone want a watch phone?

Talking into your watch may seem a little like a 1980s spy movie, but the Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch is now here.

Called, the W, the unlocked GSM phone retails for about $199, has a camera for stills or video, a touchscreen, Mp3 player and comes with a Bluetooth headset.

The pros: You could be like Dick Tracy! And it's a conversation starter! The price is also relatively decent for an unlocked phone. (The LG GD910, LG's giant watch phone retails for around $800 and it's not even available here yet.)

So far, the problems are that despite the huge size of the watch, the touchscreen is too small for manly fingers. Other cons are the short battery life and the obvious dork factor.

Another con is that few Millennials or Gen Ys wear watches, often relying on their cell phones to tell them the time. Poor Kempler & Strauss not only have to sell the W, but also the idea of wearing a watch to a group of people who don't understand the accessory.

Most people will probably just buy a smartphone with a larger screen and the same capabilities, which should make the W simply remain a novelty.

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