Propel Fuels offers E85 gas at 85 cents a gallon in Sacramento

ethanol gas
ethanol gas

Who wants to take a quick drive down memory lane? If you live in Sacramento, today's your day. Propel Fuels is offering 85-cent a gallon gas at five local gas stations. You read that right. Under one dollar gas. Today only.

But before you run out the door, note that we're talking about E85 ethanol, which won't work on every car. Still, this renewable fuel normally costs about $2.39 a gallon, so if you do drive a flex-fuel vehicle, get on out to fill your tank. You can check if your car is eligible here.

E85 (so called because it is 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) is a clean-burning alternative to petroleum-based gasoline. It is made using fermented grains and sugars and is said to reduce carbon emissions by 21%. It's already in wide use in Sweden (of course), but it growing in popularity here, particularly in the Midwest, where they grow the corn used to make the stuff.