PetVille: This week's challenges involve socks and peppermint kibble

petville challenges sock monkey and kibble lover
petville challenges sock monkey and kibble lover

Every week, PetVille introduces two new challenges that -- when completed -- give players rewards including a badge that can be found at the bottom of the challenges menu. These challenges have been a great addition to the game, namely because it gives us a little incentive to keep coming back to earn something more than virtual coins. I mean, who can resist collecting badges for bragging rights? We can't.

This week's new challenges have just been issued -- and these will be far easier than the challenges the past few weeks. The first challenge -- called Sock Monkey -- involves picking up 25 pair of socks while cleaning your pet's house and neighbors' houses as well. The second -- called Kibble Lover -- challenges players to feed their pets Peppermint Kibble (which lasts for five minutes) and collect the 'Kibble Time Bonus' gems after your pet finishes. Do that 10 times and you'll be able to add the Kibble lover badge to your collection.