Mafia Wars rolls out new 'My Mafia' viewer


Zynga's streamlining of the Mafia Wars page continues apace today, with a new easier-to-use interface for the "My Mafia" portion of the game. Scroll down to the bottom of your home page and you'll see a new, smooth-scrolling, Flash-based list of all the people in your Mafia. The new interface makes it easy to quickly find specific Mafia members, quickly scan for those with wish lists or requesting help with jobs, and sort your mafia list either alphabetically, by player level, or by how recently they started playing.

Intriguingly, the helpful "What's This" tip that comes along with the new My Mafia section says that Zynga is "continuously working on improving the algorithm behind the scenes to better support very large Mafias." Could an increase in the 501-member limit on Mafia sizes be in the works? We'll keep our eyes peeled for ya.

mafia wars my mafia
mafia wars my mafia