FishVille Fish Lab: Find out how to get started


Zynga has updated FishVille today and followed the same building routine found in their other games by introducing the FishLab in FishVille. Read on to find out everything about the FishLab, as well as tips and tricks on how to build it.

The official announcement reads: "BUILD FISHLAB! Build an epic space station in your tank! Gift parts to your friends and make sure they send some back! Collect the entire space pack for a stellar tank!"

Apparently, if you want the Fish Lab, you will have to purchase it for 1 sand dollar, which is rather strange...

You can also send the Fish Lab to your friends (10 pieces) via the gifting options and that will help them build the stellar tank.

But what can you do with the Fish Lab in FishVille? What is its use? These are questions nobody knows the answer to at the moment!

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