Farmville Pic of the Day: Pirahna Skull


FarmVille is more than just an ultra-popular farming simulation -- it's a chance to express yourself artistically through unique and creative farm layouts. To that end,'s FarmVille Picture of the Day features some of the most interesting and imaginative FarmVille layouts out there. Got a FarmVille pic you want to share? Send it to

Today's pic: Pirhana Skull

I figured yesterday's hopeful, joyful, loving message may have been a bit too saccharine for some of the surlier members of our audience, so, by way of an antidote, here's one of the more depressing Farmville layouts I've ever seen. The withered trees and grinning, man-eating plants in the eyes turn what might otherwise be a somehwat cute, pixelated skullinto a harrowing vision that seems to look directly into your soul!

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