FarmVille Lime Green & Cobalt Mystery Box: What's inside?

Farmville lime green and cobalt mystery box
Farmville lime green and cobalt mystery box

On 02.24.10 FarmVille released a new Lime Green and Cobalt Blue ribboned Mystery Box.

This Mystery Box can be purchased for 16 FV$ in the FarmVille Market for the next six days.

As always, this Mystery Boxe promise to offer exclusive prizes that cannot be purchased elsewhere, but they are still a gamble at your own risk and non-refundable.

::: Spoiler Alert :::

These are Confirmed Lime Green & Cobalt Blue Mystery Box Prizes (02.24.10):

- Hummingbirds
- Swing with Sheep
- Deluxe Storage Shed
- Mini Greenhouse

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.