7 Mistakes by Realtor's Aide Led to Murder Conviction

Linda Stein's Murderer
Linda Stein's Murderer

Videotape from the security cameras in her building played a key role in Tuesday's conviction of Realtor Linda Stein's murderer yesterday. Stein, "Realtor to the Stars," who in 2007 was clubbed to death by her assistant at Stein's posh Park Avenue Manhattan home located in an area that WalletPop.com names one of the safest in New York.

Natavia Lowery, 28, was convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder for bludgeoning her boss repeatedly with a yoga stick, causing Stein "the most painful, brutal, horrible death one can imagine," prosecutors said Monday in closing arguments, according to DNAInfo.

Lowery also was convicted of 20 other charges related to stealing more than $30,000 from the real estate agent who once managed The Ramones before selling homes to celebrities such as Madonna and Sting. Lowery faces up to life in prison, but her family has already pledged to appeal and aggressively challenge the conviction, reported DNAinfo.com.

Inconsistencies in Lowery's statements and actions as she tried to cover her tracks and create an alibi are likely what helped sway the Manhattan Supreme Court jury to reach a decision in fewer than five hours after four weeks testimony from about 40 witnesses.

Here is how Lowery screwed up: