Women MBAs trail behind men in status and pay beginning with first job

women mba
women mba

Women who earn MBA degrees fall behind men in terms of salary and position beginning right after graduation, according to a new Catalyst report, "Pipeline's Broken Promise."

Despite the fact that over the past 15 years a record number of women have graduated with advanced professional degrees, they are not advancing at the same pace as men.

Catalyst studied thousands of MBA alumni in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, and said in a statement:

Even after taking into account experience, industry, and region, the report found women start at lower levels than men, make on average $4,600 less in their initial jobs, and continue to be outpaced by men in rank and salary growth. Only when women begin their post-MBA career at mid-management or above do they achieve parity in position with men. However, this accounts for only 10 percent of the women and 19 percent of the men surveyed.

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