The worst ways to interview for a job

If you're among the 6.3 million long-term unemployed Americans, you've probably been through a fair share of job interviews and know how difficult it can be to prepare for one.

But looking at it from the other side of the table, what are the worst types of habits that job interviewees can have?

The, a comics Web site, recently came up with its top-10 list of "crappy interviewees." Here's some of that list, with others thrown in that WalletPop discovered after talking with hiring managers and job coaches:

The over-dresser
This job applicant makes up for their inexperience by wearing expensive clothing that doesn't fit with what the rest of the company's workers are wearing.

The under-dresser
This is someone who thinks they're over-qualified and shouldn't have to dress for the part. This can include having multiple face piercings in a job to meet clients.

The talker
They won't shut up and won't let the interviewer do their job.

The mute
The opposite of the talker, this applicant is barely audible, can't tell you what the job they're applying is about, and wants to get back to you on many answers.

Will Robinson of says this can describe someone who doesn't know how to answer the basic question of "Why do you want to work for our company?"

"If they don't know why they are here, then what is the point," Robinson wrote to WalletPop in an e-mail.

The stench
Too much cologne or perfume can knock a hiring manager down.

The trash talker or arguer
This includes talking poorly about your past job, bosses and co-workers, but can extend to arguing with the interviewer.

"I was asking a candidate about their background," Robinson told WalletPop. "They had some non-standard career moves (which can be a plus) but when asked about it, became very defensive and then argumentative that they were right in their choices when all I wanted to do was understand what drove them to make these decisions."

Drinking too much
Drinking too much coffee before an interview shows, according to Robinson, creating difficulty in focusing and talking too fast and repeating themselves. Some caffeine is good before an interview, but five Red-Bulls can make you crawl on the ceiling. Not good in a job interview.

It should go without saying, but drinking alcohol, even at a job interview where wine is sold, is a bad idea. Mirren Fischer, who designs sustainable-chic dog accessories in Scotland, said in an e-mail that one guy got drunk and started telling her personal stories about his family. Too much information and too much alcohol.

The practicer
This candidate only wants to practice interviewing techniques and has no real interest in the role or company, Robinson said. They're on auto-babble and won't answer interview questions.

Phone addict
Marla B. Levie, president of Focus on Aging, told WalletPop in an e-mail that she has had applicants in the elder care market that she recruits for, answer their cellphones or check their Blackberries during interviews. Bad form.

Got any bad interview etiquette to add? Do so in the comments section...
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