New Cafe World Dishes: Belgian Waffles, Eggs Benedict & Steak Dinner


A bit late with this update, but has to be noted down: Zynga introduced three new recipes to Cafe World: the Belgian Waffles that look absolutely delicious, plus Eggs Benedict and Steak Dinner. To find out all the details about these new additions, as well as cafe points earned and profits, read on!

Belgian Waffles - These goodies cost 200 coins and are ready in 2 hours. When done, you'll have 150 servings that will generate you 600 total coins in income. Cafe Points earned: 9 for cooking, 20 CP for serving.

Eggs Benedict - This recipe costs 300 coins and it's ready in 6 hours. When done, you'll get 190 servings that will give you 1140 coins. Cafe Points earned: 21 for cooking, 70 for serving.

Steak Dinner - It costs 3,000 coins and it's ready in 16 hours. There are 650 servings, generating 5850 coins. Cafe Points earned: 30 for cooking, 160 for serving.

Nice new recipes, right?

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.