Money College: Savor your own French press coffee, and save big

French press coffee college money
French press coffee college money

A common college money saving tip is to avoid buying your coffee. Make it instead.

This just makes a whole heap of sense. Why spend money every morning on a grande (that's a medium for those of you who need a Starbucks lingo refresher) when you can make it for next to nothing at home?

Grocery stores have all manner of house-blended-(insert foreign sounding nut here)-roasted varieties that taste just as delicious as anything the chain stores offer, but this only really works if your drink of choice is a standard cup of java. Things become a little more difficult if you get used to drinking beverages that either start or end with words like "mocha," "chino" or "latte."

So, short of buying a specialty machine, what can a money-conscious, college student do to drink great coffee and stay fiscally responsible?