FarmVille Dog is on the way soon!


In a recent FarmVille podcast, Zynga commented that the much anticipated FarmVille Dog would be "coming soon". Seasoned farmers know that "coming soon" can mean weeks or months in FarmVille terms. However, in the latest FarmVille podcast, they dropped a few more details about Dogs and said specifically that Puppies would be coming in a matter of weeks and that it would be a special interactive animal in which you will be able to pick out, name and train as it grows.

So here's more good news for all the FarmVille Freak dog lovers.

There is actually a placeholder icon for the FarmVille Dog in the Zynga game. No picture yet except for the one that appears above the forum.

Possible FarmVille Dog
Possible FarmVille Dog

Will it be the same dog we've seen sneak peeks at in the Official FarmVille Forum banner? Or can we expect a better and new dog? I hope that Zynga will eventually consider adding different breeds of dogs! The possibilities could be endless.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.