Country Story existed circa 1955 - it's true!

An example of what Facebook games looked like circa 1955. Did you know that Facebook games, namely Playfish's Country Story, has been around since the days of poodle skirts, greasers and the dawn of rock 'n' roll? Well, it has, and Country Story historian Rachel Steen explains how the game worked, you know, back in the day.

"In 1955 [Country Story] was played on paper sheets. Each week, Playfish would mail an updated individual game sheet for each player to them -- who would colour & fill them in -- and then mail them back to Playfish. Here is an original CS game-sheet from July 1955. As you can see, there were some differences."

OK, so Country Story wasn't around in the '50s. Steen created the black and white image and story for a recent Playfish contest. This talented fan won the grand prize and was rewarded with 2,000 Playfish Cash for her retro homage to the virtual farming game.

Nine others were also called out for their great in-game designs. If you're in need of some design inspiration, check out the 10 winners on the official Playfish blog.
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