Chicago Insider: Trader Adam Kress

Options trader Adam Kress tells us why Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood, with its proximity to the beach, people watching and top rib spot is his ideal neighborhood.

Name, Age, Occupation:
Adam Kress, 31, Options Trader, Chicago Board of Trade

Neighborhood: The Gold Coast, Chicago

Abode: Two-bedroom rental apartment

How long have you lived on the Gold Coast? Seven years, though I've been in this apartment for two years.
What do you love most about your area?

I'm two blocks from Michigan Avenue and four blocks from the Lake, which is where I hang out all summer long. It's the perfect neighborhood. Everything I need is within a few minutes walk; restaurants, bars, lakefront, shopping.

Do you talk to your neighbors?
[Laughs] At the bar! In all seriousness, I'm not home very much. I work and then I am out with friends or working out.

Best kept secret in the Gold Coast?
The Hangge Uppe. It's a bar and you can always go and have a good time no matter who you are or who you are with, which I like. Also, the ribs at the Blue Agave.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday Night in your neighborhood?
Well, I can walk to like 200 bars in five minutes so if it's a nice night I usually walk around 'til I find a rooftop bar spot that I like. Then I enjoy the drinks and good conversation with friends about "Atlas Shrugged" or "The Fountainhead."

What do you love about Chicago?

I like my area of Chicago but I spend 99 percent of my time in a two-square-mile radius and Chicago is much bigger than that so I don't venture out to most of the city other then my little neighborhood. There are 80 different neighborhoods in Chicago or something like that and I've been to 10 of them. What can I say, I like my area.

If I would live in another part of Chicago, I don't think I would love Chicago. I like the fact that everything I need is right here, but if I lived five miles away, in another area, I wouldn't have it.

You get up early to get to work to trade, what's Chicago like at 6 a.m.?
I can ride my bike down the middle of the street when I go to work at 6 which is really fun. Of course, if I went in later I couldn't do that. My ride to work is about 10 minutes so it's short and fun - of course that is for the months of the year I can ride my bike. In the winter you can't do that. Another reason why the summers are great.

OK, I'll bite, what's so great about Chicago summers?

Everybody comes out of hibernation and goes out and has fun. I live a few blocks from the beach so I get out of work early enough to enjoy the afternoon and sunset with friends. On The Gold Coast there are many outdoor dining spots and the people watching is great. I play volleyball along the beach or go on a friends boat, it's a really good time.

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