Blinged-Out, Floor-Wrecking Breakdancer: "I'm Innocent"

Bling belt buckleAmerica's Best Dance Crew, what hath you wrought? The Buffalo News reports that 18-year-old Ryan Baczkiewicz was arrested Sunday night. The charge? Breakdancing while wearing a diamond-studded belt buckle at a house party in nearby Elma. His (presumably sick) moves resulted in $3,000 worth of "gouging damage" on the hardwood floors. Apparently, there was no cardboard to lay down and get up on. The charge was criminal trespass and criminal mischief - a felony.

But according to Baczkiewicz, contacted via Facebook, he did nothing wrong and these charges are overblown:
I do not own a diamond-studded belt buckle-I most definitely don't have the money for something like that. I have proof that not only was I invited to this party, but I have a witness who can back me up and say I did not do any damage.
Baczkiewicz wasn't able to comment on whether or not said breakdancing occurred at said party, but claims the offending belt is currently in police custody, and that the girl who hosted the party skewed her version of the story. "[She and a friend] lied to their parents and said they didn't have a house party, that it was just those two and their boyfriends, and me and a friend randomly showed up on Valentine's Day. Crazy, right? There was a full-blown house party going on, and I can't wait for my side of justice," he says.

What does that entail, he says? "Let's just say the courtroom's in for a big surprise!"

Elma Court House, March 22, 6:30pm: Electric Boogaloo.

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