How to update LED Tickers in Pet Society

In-game screenshot of Pet Society LED Ticker
In-game screenshot of Pet Society LED Ticker

This news comes from Jacel, a reader and PS gardener extraordinaire.

There's been a recent change in the way you update your pet's status on the LED tickers. The button to update the message has been removed. Now you click directly on the sign. A menu comes up offering you the choice of changing the message and also posting the status to your Facebook page.

We think this is a cleaner interface. It gets rid of one item on the screen, which has been getting more and more crowded lately.

We wondered if this change might mean that we could buy multiple signs and display different messages throughout the house. However, that is not the case. No matter how many signs you have, you get to display only one message at a time. Make it a good one!

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