Unhappy Happy Pets players say Mystery Boxes are a grab-bag gamble

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Happy Pets Community Forum Header

Grumblings can be heard on the official Happy Pets forum, "Happy Pets Community" because of last week's new Mystery Boxes.

As a reminder, Mystery Boxes can be bought from the in-game store under the "Goods" tab. Currently, there are two kinds, "Mystery Box", which costs 50 Coins and opens within 24 hours, and "Premium Mystery Box", which costs 12 Facebook Credits and opens instantly. For some extra fun, you've got the option for friends to "Add Luck" to your box, which is suppose to increase your chance at getting a rarer item.

Right now, the complaints are that the whole situation is a grab-bag gamble. Players comparing results have revealed that the game's makers would stuff a box with an item that's worth LESS than the price of the Mystery Box itself. On top of that, adding luck doesn't seem to affect the rarity of the item either, and the items are just furniture from the store.

For example, one user got a 50 Coins "Mystery Box", and received a "Silver Lamp", which is only 25 Coins at the store. Another paid for a "Premium Mystery Box", costing 12 FB Credits, only to get back a "Pink Lava Lamp", which is 8 FB Credits.

While some players are willing to take the risk, this set-up sounds like a huge turn-off to others. Because what's the point of spending Coins or FB Credits on these boxes if you can't break even with them?