Living Modern Like a 'Single Man' in L.A.

John Lautner
John Lautner

When the Academy Awards take place on March 7, English actor Colin Firth will be one of the chosen few at Hollywood's Kodak Theater nominated for a major award: Best Actor, for his role in "A Single Man."

While Firth is unquestionably the heart of the movie, and Julianne Moore is his most visible co-star, a supporting-role nod must go to the mid-century modern house in which Firth's character, a college professor grieving for his deceased love in early-1960s Los Angeles, spends much of "A Single Man."

The movie is the directorial debut by legendary fashion designer Tom Ford, who clearly has an eye for visual detail. From the immaculately tailored Kennedy-era suits George (Firth) wears to the vintage Mercedes he drives, "A Single Man" is a visual delight, which provides a fanciful ballast against the movie's morose subject matter.

George's home is supposed to be in Santa Monica near the ocean, but the real house, designed by architect John Lautner, is nestled in the Whiting Woods area of Glendale northeast of the city.

As it happens, the house is for sale, listed at $1,495,000. The listing reads: