J.Crew clothing 20% off if 4 people spend $500

J. Crew clothing sale
J. Crew clothing sale

This deal has a few caveats -- namely that you and three friends each need to spend $125 at J.Crew -- but other than that it's very straight forward.

As part of J.Crew's Shop and Share program, you can get 20% off your entire clothing purchase when you and three friends each spend $125 or more. So basically as a group you spend $500 to save $100 -- $25 each. The deal is not widely publicized, so you won't find a coupon or official Web page with details.

Ask a salesperson to set up the discount before you arrive in the store. I heard the Shop and Share program also comes with free refreshments but double check on the phone. You may also be able to make an appointment after business hours if you ask. (Note, this perk may only come after you get to know the salespeople.)

J.Crew stores are already receiving their spring clothing lines, which means a lot of their winter stuff is going on sale! I'm so coveting a wool peacoat for next winter.

Caveats: unclear when this deal ends.

Thanks, Su May!