Happy Aquarium's UFO demo tank is out of this world!

Happy Aquarium new UFO demo tank
Happy Aquarium new UFO demo tank

Happy Aquarium seems to have started a new tradition of rolling out a new in-game "Demo Tank" each week. Today, they've launched a UFO theme using a combo of regular and specially priced items. Stuff like the "Moon Lander", have been around for awhile at the store, and costs 342 Coins, while the "Waving Alien", featured on the bottom left of the tank along with four others, is new and costs 12 Pearls or 10 Facebook Credits.

As usual, you can click on items within "Demo Tank" to buy 'em, but depending on how you want to pay for items, you need to be careful what you click on. For example, the "Waving Alien" can be bought in the demo tank, but if you do that, the game will automatically deduct from your Pearls, even if you intended to use Facebook Credits for a purchase instead. So I suggest you get it from the in-game store under the "Props" tab.

But there's two new items that can't be beat. Keep reading to check out the details and preview pics below: