FarmVille Freak Poetry Corner: Farmer Fred

Farmer Fred shared with us this poem he wrote about the initial resistance and later addiction that many people experience with this little game called FarmVille. Thanks for sharing Farmer Fred!

Looks like Mr. Poe is a bit distracted with FarmVille
Check out his poem below:

"Do your Facebook friends constantly demand- "You gotta start a farm!"?

They say things like, "Farmville's fun...Don't worry. There is no harm."?

"Haven't you yet?" They continually implore. After all, what are good neighbors for?

You think, "Gee. Do I really need to plow?"

"And how!" They say. "Absolutely you should...Quit messing around...Do it now."

You say, "Too busy. No time. I can't."

They say, "It's a craze taking over the world. Start now. You had better plant."

Oh, by the way, you'll also need friends to weed. And don't forget, you must buy seed.

If all this info has you in a dither, there is no doubt...your crops will wither.

No time to plant, weed and hoe? Stand by your guns and Just Say, NO!

But sure as shootin'...There is no doubt...

You can't'll soon find out.

Just a matter of time, my FB friend, that your eggs are hatched; your goose is cooked,

You'll find out one day you're unavoidably hooked.

So say NO to Farmville. That's my stern warning, you see...

Now I gotta go. My crops are calling me."

(by FarmVille Freak Farmer Fred)

What should Farmer Fred's poem be titled?

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