Doing your taxes and use Upromise? Check this out...

taxesThe above question describes me. I'm a long-time Upromise user, although at the rate things are going for me, honestly, I'll be lucky if my earnings buy my kids a single textbook when my first daughter hits the college scene in 10 years.

For those who don't know what Upromise is, the company offers shoppers the chance to buy through its Web site or at participating retail partners, like various stores and restaurants -- and then once you a buy, a couple weeks later, a tiny percentage of that money is kick backed into a Upromise account, which you can also link to a 529 college savings account.

The idea is that if you do this enough, eventually you might have collected enough money to buy hopefully more than a textbook -- maybe enough money to shovel into a few semesters or so of college.

So if you do your taxes with H&R Block online, you can get 8% sent to your Upromise account, and if you go inside to a brick and mortar establishment, you'll get $15 diverted to your account, plus $5 for any friend or family member you refer.

And for TurboTax users, if you download and buy the software online, you get a kickback of 6% of your costs to go toward your child's college education.

These deals shouldn't dissuade anyone from doing their taxes however they do them -- if you handle them yourself or go to a tax preparer, great. But if you tend to use H&R Block or TurboTax anyway, and have children, and especially if you already have a UPromise account -- then taking advantage of this deal quickly becomes a no-brainer.
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