Tiki Resort: Start your own island menagerie with baby seals, other new pets

Tiki Resort adds pets to the island store
Tiki Resort adds pets to the island store

Tiki Island introduces pets into the in-game store and as free giftables. In the store, you can purchase a Red Crab for 150 shells and a Baby Turtle for 300 shells. In the gifts area, you can send friends a Hermit Crab, Pretty Pelican, Baby Seal and Cute Piglet for free, and then beg them to send one back to you.

Once these animals are placed on the island, a hand icon will occasionally appear over them, which means you need to click on the animal to give them love and attention. In return, you're rewarded with shells, which can be used to buy buildings, accessories and more pets! Tourists love nothing more than an adorable baby seal -- amirite?