Restaurant City: Free fruit for fans keep coming, today -- a mango

restaurant city gives away a mango --
restaurant city gives away a mango --

If you're not a fan of Restaurant City's official Facebook fan page, we recommend becoming one as soon as possible. Why? Because someone behind the scenes is going wild, rewarding fans with free ingredients left and right. Last week, we picked up a free orange and Dragon fruit, and today, a free mango.

Why all the fuss about these free ingredients? Well, they aren't exactly easy to come by and buying them from the in-game store costs a pretty penny.

The mango is especially in hot demand right now since it's a key ingredient in the limited edition Magic Potion in the Drinks section of the menu. To make the Magic Potion, you need to acquire mango, wasabi, sausage and oregano. We're not sure what the 'magic' part of this potion is other than the fact that it'd require some serious trickery to make us actually drink a liquid made from these ingredients. Then again, we probably wouldn't eat a levitating ball of bacon either.

Get your free mango by clicking this link, also located on the RC Facebook fan page. While you're at it, click to get a free dragonfruit and free orange. Happy cooking!