FarmVille puppies coming soon, plus an easier way to find fuel


The FarmVille podcast this week revealed that puppies will finally be making their way to the game. Puppies won't be like the other animals that mostly stand around and wait to be harvested. Instead, these will be more like pets, and virtual farmers will be able to name them, watch them grow up and teach them tricks.

We've been hearing related rumors for months now, so it's good to hear that FarmVille's finally letting the dogs out. It also makes sense that FarmVille would include man's best friend because the company who makes this game -- Zynga -- was named after the CEO's dog. There's a fun factoid you can use to impress your friends and family, no?

Other upcoming items include the ability to find fuel on your friends' farms, and more opportunities to share fuel with friends. Dunno about you, but we've almost exhausted that huge supply of fuel we scored from our Christmas Tree gifts and were starting to panic. More fuel can't come soon enough.