File under WTF: Nearly naked women appear in FarmVille [Updated]

farmville strawberries -- never seen strawberries like that before
farmville strawberries -- never seen strawberries like that before

FarmVille glitches -- sometimes we love 'em and sometimes we don't. A new glitch, however, mostly leaves us speechless. Get this -- one player discovered pictures of scantily clad women in place of photos for certain crops in the in-game market.

The whole scenario was so unbelievable that 'Dustin' created a video showing off to these salacious pics, which have replaced pics of strawberries, pumpkins and mystery boxes. The video is blurry, but it also looks like It also looks like some kind of Simpsons still that says 'Moe's' appeared instead of the Baby Tiger picture.

We immediately opened our FarmVille game to see if there were any, uh, misplaced pictures, and everything looked normal -- just like another day on the farm. That means that this guy somehow stumbled across a rare glitch and heads are gonna roll at Zynga HQ, or this enterprising farmer went to great lengths to digitally enhance his strawberries with a little T&A.

[Update] One reader, ijalgila, says (s)he might have an explanation for this glitch, "I had this type of glitch before with Zynga games, it was Mafia Wars on Tagged, it look like the game fetches the wrong pictures from the user temporary internet files cache, and display those pictures instead of intended ones... oops.. better clean those cache files now."

If that's the case, guess we know how Dustin spends his time when he's not playing FarmVille.

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