FarmVille Chicken Coop Expansion arrives -- at last


The Chicken Coop expansion has finally made it's way to FarmVille on 02.18.10!

FarmVile Chicken Coop expansion arrives -- at lats

FarmVille Chicken Coop Expand Option

Having more Chickens will increase the opportunities of finding Mystery Eggs!Chicken Coop Expansion will work similarly to the Barn Raising or Storage Expansion method. You can post a Facebook notification asking your neighbors for help via a good ole fashioned Barn Raising for your Chicken Coop or you can purchase the upgrade in the Market.

With the help of your FarmVille neighbors you can increase the capacity of your Chicken Coop from 20 Chickens to 40 Chickens called the "Big Coop" and from 40 to 60 Chickens maximum capacity called the "Huge Coop". You will need the help of 10 friends for each star level of expansion and will have 3 days to complete this expansion.

FarmVille Chicken Coop Barn Raising

FarmVille Barn Raising Chicken Coop on Facebook

Facts on Chicken Coop Expansion (from Zynga):

  • Chicken Coop Expansion functions the same as Storage Expansion (Barn Raising).

  • Your Chicken Coop can be expanded twice.

  • You can purchase expansions or you can ask your friends to help you increase your Coop size.

  • The Big Coop has a capacity of 40 chickens.

  • The Huge Coop has a capacity of 60 chickens.

  • The chance of finding mystery eggs continues to increase with more chickens.