Evan Bayh jumps in the way of student loan reform


Long-time Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh recently announced his plans to retire -- but those plans won't interfere with his desire to stand in the way of student loan reform, lower costs for students, and greater availability of grant aid for low-income students.

The problem? Sallie Mae employs a lot of people in Indiana, and Bayh wants to protect those jobs. In a letter to his Senate colleagues, Bayh wrote that he has "concerns about the short-term impact reform efforts could have on employment in Indiana." He said he would "not support" any bill that does not "strike the right balance."

Let me translate that for you: Senator Bayh thinks that college students all over America should have to pay higher costs in order to support jobs for a few Sallie Mae bureaucrats in Indiana.

Bayh's website notes that "Senator Bayh has worked tirelessly to make certain that a quality education and the ensuing job opportunities are within the reach of all Hoosiers"

With tireless advocates like Senator Bayh, who needs sell-outs to corporate interests who are willing to throw students under the bus to support big business?

It really is a shame that Senator Bayh thinks that students all over the country have an obligation to pay higher prices to support unnecessary jobs for people in his state.