Roman Statues and Antiques add touch of class to FishVille aquariums

fishville roman statues and antiques
fishville roman statues and antiques

More exquisite antiques and beautiful Roman Statues have been released for FishVille. So while Happy Aquarium fans can stack their props into aquatic skyscrapers, those more fond of FishVille can take a classier approach to tank decor. Our once bare tank is now a regular tribute to an age gone by, with masterpieces over 2,000 years old. The selection of fine art includes a Medusa Statue, a Discus Thrower, and a Venus Statue.

For antique aficionados, FishVille has also added new items such as the Rusty Anchor, Metal Pipe, Neptune, and the Sunken Bell.

What makes these rather ordinary sounding pieces valuable antiques? Time. These decorations increase in value the longer you have them in your tank. Zynga reminds us to "be sure to watch them closely and sell them when they are at their best value!"

So whether you're starting or continuing a collection, check out these new must-have pieces.