Mafia Wars Respect: Learn how to give it (and get some in return)


Now that the Valentines Day is gone, Mafia Wars is no longer allowing us to collect love from our Mafia, but instead we can get respect from the gifts they send us. In this article I'll tell you all the details about the Mafia Wars Respect.

Respect is the new feature that works hand in hand with the Gift Safe House - you can ask for gifts from your Mafia (and they can send you either respect or disrespect, so make sure you don't spam them too much) and you can also send some to your mafia. Every time you open a present your respect meter goes 10% up and every time the gift has disrespect in, it goes down 5%. Once you reach 100% respect, you are rewarded with an item - and apparently there are more respect levels for you to fill, probably with upgraded items.

Therefore, for completing the first level of Mafia Wars respect, you will get one limited edition loot item, the Switchblade. It's a pretty poor item, with 14 Attack and 16 Defense, but it's very likely that the higher level respect items are a lot better!

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.