Infomercial king Kevin Trudeau fighting to stay out of jail

Kevin Trudeau is facing time in prison.
Kevin Trudeau is facing time in prison.

Controversial author and late-night infomercial king Kevin Trudeau is battling to keep himself out of jail. His lawyers were scheduled to appear before a federal appeals court Tuesday in hopes of reversing a decision to send Trudeau to jail for a month on contempt of court charges.

But he won a reprieve Friday when the appeals court extended the appeals process into March -- allowing Trudeau to remain free while lawyers do their thing.

Trudeau was found in criminal contempt earlier this month after exhorting his followers to unload a barrage of emails on U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman. Trudeau later said he merely wanted to show the judge that people had benefited from the book that is the subject of the court case.