I Twitter, Therefore I'm Robbed


When it comes to the oversharing world of Twitter, maybe it's better to tweet in hindsight. That way a stalking ex-boyfriend doesn't show up at the restaurant you announced you have reservations at, or, a cat burglar doesn't do a clean sweep of your studio apartment while you're at the 7:20pm screening of Avatar.

Alas, more shocking than robbers cleaning you out of house and home while you're at the gym for your Twitter feed documented "45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weight training," is the fact that it took this long for a site like PleaseRobMe to be created.

The new website (launched earlier this week) aggregates publicly shared updates and user locations typically posted on the info-exposing Twitter, Google Buzz and Foursquare, and thus revealing how stupid many of us are for embracing our hip transparency. PleaseRobMe wants us to think of the site, however, as the wake-up call that reminds us to cover our tracks and think before we tweet -- at least in terms of location sharing.