Firefish and Beaked Leatherjacket heats up tanks in Happy Aquarium

Firefish in Happy Aquarium

While you can't light an Olympic torch with it, Happy Aquarium has released the athletic Firefish in homage to the present Winter games. A popular and beautiful addition to saltwater aquariums, Firefish are carnivorous and known to be "tank jumpers" due to their skittish personality. Now available for players Level 11 and up.

Beaked Leatherjacket in Happy Aquarium

For players Level 36 and up, there's the Beaked Leatherjacket at a pricey 735 Coins! Another tropical saltwater fish, Leatherjackets are all over the Indo-Pacific oceans, but you can easily find one hanging out in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.
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