FarmVille's Arborists and Farmhands specials are a one-shot deal


Remember how awesome it was when FarmVille brought us the Tractor for plowing, the Seeder for planting, and the Harvester for... well, harvesting crops? Now imagine similar options for harvesting your trees and collecting from your animals, except you've gotta pay up some of that FarmVille cash for the privilege. That's what the new "Arborists" and "Farmhands" specials are, and you can buy them from the "Upgrade Farm" tab of the FarmVille market.

FarmVille Arborists and Farmhands specials
FarmVille Arborists and Farmhands specials

But caveat emptor, farmers! Because unlike the Tractor, Seeder, and Harvester, these new options cost 5 FV Cash and can only be used once! At least with the "3 Unwithers", the name and description of that item makes it clear that you'll get exactly three uses out of it. (Then again, you would look twice at the description when a thing costs 30 FV Cash.)

Is a one-time use at 5 FV Cash worth it in the long-run? Was it disingenuous of the game makers to tout the "harvest all of your XYZ with a single action!" instead of the single use aspect of these items? All I know is this, for the poor folks who paid up before realizing the short-term advantage, it certainly feels like a rip-off.

Hopefully, as the fanbase grows and farms get larger, Zynga will come up with a more cost-effective option for players.

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