FarmVille turns to "Horse Power" for your harvesting needs


It seems that FarmVille wasn't horsing around with the "Arborists" and "Farmhands" specials after all.

Because a new Ribbon called "Horse Power" has been added to the game (see our complete FarmVille Ribbon Achievements Guide), which tasks you with collecting random "Consumable Buffs" from your horse stable. So acquiring these "Buffs" isn't any different than getting Mystery Eggs from the Chicken Coops, or Calves from the Dairy Farm.

28. Horse Power
Task: Harvest "Consumable Buffs" from your Horse Stable
- 5 buffs, yellow ribbon
- 10 buffs, white ribbon
- 15 buffs, red ribbon
- 100 buffs, blue ribbon

And guess what? These "Consumable Buffs" are the much coveted "Arborists" and "Farmhands". So if you want 'em without having to fork over 5 FarmVille Cash, rally your neighbors and finish building those horse stables!