FarmVille cash cards now available at Gamestop

farmville cash cards available at Gamestop
farmville cash cards available at Gamestop

FarmVille cash cards powered by Fast Card are now available for purchase at Gamestop. This is good news for those of you who do not have credit cards or Paypal or who have credit cards/PayPal but would rather purchase farm cash via another method.

Purchasing a FarmVille cash card (or Fast card) will give you access to special exclusive items, assuming that means those items in the FarmVille Market that require farm cash to obtain.

It seems the very few who have already purchased these FarmVille Game Cards have gotten early access, as the cards cannot yet be activated. It is possible that Gamestop may have released them before their actual intended release date. However, the FarmVille cards similar to other Zynga Game Cards already released, such as YoVille, appear to be legitimate and also include Zynga's Terms of Service printed on the back.

For those of you that cannot yet activate your FarmVille cards, hold on to them as Zynga is expected to address this situation or add the function to use these cards soon.