Happy Pets goes quackers with new adoptable ducks

Happy Pets expands their family of critters yet again. In addition to the cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, jackalopes and bunnies, ducks are now up for adoption in Happy Pets. Just like the other animals, they come in a variety of colors.

Raising a duck is different from raising a cat or dog. From a young age, pet ducks need heat lamps, shelter, space and most importantly: friends. A duck is a very social animal and loves having company. Fortunately, that just applies to real-life ducks and not the ones in the game.

In Happy Pets, your duck won't require as much care, but will naturally have tons of friends, a yard to run around in and plenty to eat, provided you sign in and feed the little guy(s). Like the rabbits, ducks don't eat out of a bowl. To feed your duck: "get food in the Store. Click on the Can icon. Click on the arrow above the Duck once. Some corn will drop down and your Duck will eat it You will earn XP for feeding your Duck."

Like hamsters bunnies and turtles, these one-of-a-kind pets don't come cheap and are available for Facebook Credits only. The brown, white and yellow ducks cost 24 Credits (roughly $2) and the black and pink ducks cost 52 Credits (roughly $5).

Is a duck a worthy addition to your Happy Pets family? Check them out for yourself.
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