Daily Blogwatch: Trash-Talking Buffett; Stocks that Have Raised Dividends for 50 Straight Years

Below are some of the best reads for investors from around the Web:

Why did Warren Buffett (BRK.A) reduce his Exxon Mobil (XOM) position?

And, speaking of Buffett -- Erin Burnett and I "trash-talked" Buffett, Gates, and other topics yesterday at the NYSE.

Whoah! Is this even legal? Goldman Sachs (GS) gets downgraded. Someone might die tonight.
__________This idea for a blog post is so good I might even have to steal it at some point. Ten stocks that have raised their dividends for 50 straight years.

Crossing Wall Street is practically a Nobel Prize winner right now, ever since its host dared to correct Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.

One of the things that made the U.S. great right from the beginning was the fact that we had this frontier that took us from the Atlantic Ocean all the way over to the Pacific Ocean. This, in my view, is the one thing wrong with Argentina (although I prefer the steak there): for some reason, even though they didn't have far to go, they gave Chile the Pacific while they took the Atlantic. How did that happen? Well, here are ten reasons to invest in Chile.

Is it true? Did Google (GOOG) shrink in 2009?

Is housing finally stabilizing?

Can Microsoft (MSFT) ever make money from anything other than Office or Windows?
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