Cashmere Toilet Paper: Luxury Products in a Recession?

Despite rising unemployment, dwindling pensions and budget cuts across the board, one British supermarket is up to their derrieres in luxury. According to an article in the Telegraph, the UK-based direct delivery grocery store Waitrose is currently stocking cashmere toilet paper to the tune of 2.29 pounds (approximately $3.50 USD) for a four-pack.

While the paper doesn't contain any actual cashmere fibers-instead it's coated in oil extract from the cashmere goat-the story has caused an uproar amongst consumers from both sides of the sea who are struggling to make ends meet.

"Thousands of little kids die every day from diarrhea while we think of wiping our backsides with cashmere!," wrote one irate commenter."It's good to see that, even as we claw our way out of the recession, wretched excess is making its way back into the market," wrote Tom Barlow at Walletpop.

Whether or not you indulge your bum in the ultimate bathroom indulgence, the story raises an interesting question-in the midst of a recession, is it obnoxious to fill your home with luxury goods? Yes and no say the experts. While blowing cash on flashy objects that will depreciate, such as cars and clothes, can come across as a middle finger to struggling friends, purchasing items that will increase in value, like high-quality furniture, could simply be a wise investment.

"A quality piece of furniture always going to give you better return than going to The Room Store," says Ethan Call, a real estate broker with JB Call and Company in Richmond, Virginia. "If you invest in something that's an antique, you're more likely to get your money out of it if you choose to resell. Art is the same way."

Unfortunately premium-grade toilet paper doesn't make the wise investment cut unless, of course, it comes with an antique or artistic masterpiece to make it all worthwhile.
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